I grew up on a small farm adjacent to a golf course and had heard stories of my older siblings selling lemonade to the golfers. After reaching the ripe age of 10, I decided it was time to make it big in lemonade. Mom helped me make the (not so tricky) three-part recipe, I loaded up, and my dogs and I were off to green #3. That walk was full of big dreams. I thought about what kind of bike I would buy with all of the profits, maybe a go-cart, or what about a new clubhouse? I wasn’t short on big ideas; my dogs even seemed excited. Thanks to the Course Marshall, my idea of being a lemonade tycoon was somewhat short-lived…but there was something unique about my excitement.

John Munie – Age 7

In 1998, I started another “lemonade stand” in the grounds maintenance industry. Although I wasn’t as starry-eyed this go-around, I did hope to do something special. I wanted to build a business driven by quality people who had a passion for the industry and could see our organization through the eyes of the customer. If they love what they do, and they know why we’ve been hired, it will show in their work.

The excitement I felt at the start of my business career is no longer exclusive to me and my dogs. Now, we have a team of 115+ who are inspired every day to make the best “lemonade” available in an effort to improve the lives of our clients, our families, and our community.

John E. Munie,
Founder and President

Our future is bright. We’re humbled by the esteem and loyalty of our customer base, and we enjoy low employee turnover; we have become a trusted brand.