With humility and Midwestern values, Focal Pointe has established a reputation for giving back to the community.

In 2009, after losing a dear employee in a car crash, the company sponsored a golf tournament in her honor, raising funds to benefit her family. Today, the annual Focal Pointe Charity Golf Tournament continues with that same spirit, benefitting children and families who need financial and emotional support due to an unforeseen, life changing event.

The firm also gives back through annual Earth Day programs with area elementary schools. Each year, the Focal Pointe team volunteers with local students, teaching them about plants, gardening, and ways to care for the earth. The students get hands-on experience with planting flowers, trimming shrubs, raking leaves, and more.

From charity programs to pro-bono work for schools and church groups, Focal Pointe finds great joy in helping others believe in a greater purpose and find a hopeful, inspired place within.

Focal Pointe Charity Golf Tournament

On May 29th, 2009 the Focal Pointe family lost a dear friend and team leader, Cindy Amos, in a car accident on her way to work. Professionally, Cindy was an absolute All Star. Her humble, grateful philosophy, and strong work ethic, embodied the ideals of Focal Pointe. By example, Cindy quietly helped build a culture of service throughout the organization and had a strong voice in our vision of being a company that gave back to the community.

“Thank you to everyone who supported the first annual Focal Pointe Charity Golf Tournament. Your donations and support not only provided funds for college, but also lifted my spirits knowing that mom was so respected and loved.”

Ashley Amos
2009 Recipient

“We cannot begin to put into words the appreciation felt for the kindness, generosity, and donation received through the Focal Pointe golf tournament. The donated funds kept us financially stable during Quintin’s 7 month stay at Cardinal Glennon Hospital and Ranken Jordan Rehabilitation Center. Focal Pointe not only helped us through our financial needs, but opened our hearts to pay it forward and show others they are not alone; support and love comes from unexpected places…”

The Quintin Byrne Family

“Through the generosity of Focal Pointe and all of the people and companies that made contributions, our family has been so greatly blessed. We are able to buy necessary equipment for communication and learning, pay medical bills, and pay for special therapies that our insurance doesn’t cover. Knowing that the funds are there for us to give our son what he needs to thrive and grow is such a relief to our family. Thank you!”

The Parker Rodgers Family 

We never asked for help, but were so blessed that our community realized we were stressed to the limits and made the Focal Pointe Charity aware of Olivia and our family’s needs. The funds we received from the golf tournament allowed us to continue to fund the treatment that Olivia needed and prevent our family from drowning in medical bills. It also greatly lifted our spirits in a time of tremendous stress, change, and exhaustion. Words cannot even express the feeling of the “weight being removed from our shoulders” when we received the generous donations…

The Olivia Uptergrove Family 

We are so incredibly thankful to everyone who supported the Focal Pointe Charity Golf Tournament. Through your generosity and kindness, you gave our family the gift of time and peace. Our spunky six-year old son was diagnosed with Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM), which is a bacteria that is found in the environment. Given the fact that Jack has Cystic Fibrosis, NTM quickly and permanently damaged his lungs. Jack was immediately put in the hospital, port placed in his chest and g-tube in his tummy and our lives forever changed. We were told to spend as much time as we could with our son – go on vacations, make memories. With our large medical bills and ongoing monthly prescription bills, we wouldn’t have been able to spend this time together as a family without your help. I know many of you may just show up because it is a great excuse to play golf, but I am telling you…you make a difference and lives are changed because of it. Our family will never forget the kindness shown to us in our darkest days.

With love – The Jack Burke Family
2016 Recipient